The use of Fly Park Charleroi assumes your agreement with the terms and conditions below:

Fly Park Charleroi is located Rue Hurlevent No. 50 at 5060 Velaine Sur Sambre.

Open 24 hours

Phone number: 0470 / 10.35.85



User = the reserved parking space at Fly Park Charleroi, reservation made by one person only. Period of use: the person who reserves the parking space agrees to respect the period (s) indicated on his reservation. Any changes must be notified immediately to Fly Park Charleroi either by mail or by phone.


Any booking confirmed by Fly Park Charleroi entitles the user to have access to the car park, to park his car and to benefit from the shuttle service.
Parking and shuttle service:
Any reservation entitles the user to park his vehicle during the period mentioned in his request. When the parking is complete, Fly Park Charleroi is complete, the management reserves the right to refuse a reservation.

Payment :

All payments are made in cash on arrival at the Fly Park Charleroi site. In case of withdrawal within 24 hours, an allowance of 25 € will be claimed by registered mail.
If you have to leave hurriedly and you have less than 10 hours to reserve your parking space and shuttle, a single number: 0470 / 10.35.85. Fly Park Charleroi will answer your request on the only condition that the parking is still available.

Responsibility :

Fly Park Charleroi declines any responsibility in the event of theft, damage or fire. Fly Park Charleroi is a parking surrounded by a wall and closed by barriers that only authorized persons can open.


If you opt for a parking and a car wash for the day of your return, a double of your keys will be asked upon your arrival on the site of Fly Park Charleroi. Your keys will be put in a safe where only the staff of Fly Park Charleroi will have access.